Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pavritta Janu Sirsasana

I arrived at the yoga studio at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning (8/4). I was the first student to arrive. I knocked on the door of Arun's house and his mother-in-law greeted me with great warmth. I gave her Arun's bag which he sent with me, and she handed me the key to the studio. I walked up the stairs to the third floor and unlocked the door.

One by one Arun's "regular's" - his students - came walking in. They all recognized me, but this time it was a sincere acknowlegement that we (the Downtown Yoga Community) had been a generous host to their beloved master. People came up to me and thanked me for taking care of Arun. They asked how his teaching was received. They all loved the fact that the United States was getting a real experience of the teacher they call "Sri Arunji"

Most of class was seated twists - starting with twisting in swastikasana. Then we stayed in swastikasana and placed our head on a chair in front and slowly moved the chair away (thus extending the spine). Next was several variations of Janu Sirsasana using the chair as support (head on chair). Then, we began twisting (or more accurately revolving - pavritta) the pose.

Pavritta Janu Sirsasna (2-3 times - several variations)
Pavritta Upavista Konasana (2-3 times - with variations)
Trikonasana & Pavitta Trikonasana (standing of course)

Ending with:

Supta Baddhakonasana
Adho Muka Baddakonasna (downward facing with legs tied in strap)
Setu Bandhasana

After class as I went to pay my 300 Rupees for classes for the month (equivalent of $7.50 for the MONTH!) I was whisked down to the house again and invited in to have tea with Arun's son. He's 21 years of age and finishing his senior year in college -studying Computer Science. The living room is adorned with statues of Ganesha, pictures of the Hindu trinity (Brahama, Vishnu, Shiva), Pictures of Arun and Srimatha (his wife).

When we finished tea I excused myself and hopped in my cab back to my apartment. I had been up since arriving in Bangalore the night before. When I arrived back I had breakfast, showered and slept the entire day and half the night (16 hours). No class on Sunday as Srimatha (Arun's wife) usually teaches then and she's on her way back from the north of India. Next class - Monday morning.

All the best.

Namaste -


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