Monday, July 7, 2014

Focus on the CORE

Everyone talks about "The CORE" but what is it really?

People want to work the core, strengthen the core, get down to the core, shake the core, move from the core - but finding the core is the challenge.

The core is far more than a physical location - it is a mindset.  Most people think the CORE is their gut - and in some respects it is just that.  It resides deep inside you - just like your gut.

I'd rather look at the word "CORE" as an acronym for how we experience the world.  Let me explain:

C.O.R.E. = 

C = your CONSCIOUS awareness of what's going on within your mind.

O = the underlining OPERATING systems through which you move through the world - the OPERATING system includes all your conscious (but mostly unconscious) beliefs, perceptions and viewpoints about how the world works.  Just like a computer - it's what runs your "applications" - it's how you apply yourself in your life, in your job, in your relationships, etc.  How you apply yourself is based on your underlying operating system.

R = your (perceived) REALITY as a result of seeing the world through your particular lens that has been shaped by your operating system (i.e., the voices in your head- the mind - the internal dialogue).

E = your EXPERIENCE of the world as a result of being shaped by your perceived reality.

So what happens in life?   We have experiences.   We get jobs, lose jobs, change jobs.  We get into relationships, lose relationships, change relationships.  We get money, lose money, earn money.  We get healthy, go out of health, get healthy again.   The experiences are what they are - shaped by our perception of reality as determined by the underlying operating system which runs our life and view of the world.

When the experiences aren't to our liking we try to change only the surface experience.  For example - when we don't like the job we have - we try to get another job.  When we don't like the person we're with - we go try to find someone else.  But what usually happens?  We find the same job with the same problems and the same relationships only they have different names.  Nothing  really changes and it feels like we're living an episode of the Twilight Zone where the same thing happens over and over again.

In Yoga we call this the cycles of Samaskara.  These are patterns that will repeat ad infinitum until we get to the CORE and understand the underlying principles that are manifesting them.

It's only when we realize that our perception of REALITY - the way we think the world is - is the problem - that our problems can change.  It's not the external experiences that need to change - it's the internal OPERATING SYSTEM that's creating the lens through which we see the world that has to change.

Thus, we have to delve deeply in the CORE and become CONSCIOUS of the OPERATING system that's creating our perceived REALITY which brings forth our EXPERIENCES of life if we want to make any profound change into our lives.

This is what yoga offers - an opportunity to train the mind to reflect - to observe and to watch.   It takes time, practice and patience - but it can be done.

OM Mani Padme Hum