Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 billion breaths

How many breaths will we take in our lives?  No one knows.  How may breaths do we take in a day?  We can probably make that calculation.  How many breaths in a minute?  Let's count:

I just counted off 10 breaths in one minute.

10 x 60 = 600 breaths per hour

600 x 24 = 14,400 breaths in a day

Let's go a little further and assume I breathe faster when I'm excited, etc.  

A good estimate is 25,000 breaths a day.


25,000 x 365 = 9, 125,000 million breaths per year!

I would have to live to 109 years of age to pump out those billion breaths. 

I'm still counting. 

BTW - A billion pennies (to put a billion in perspective) is $10 million dollars.   See the picture to get an idea of what a billion pennies looks like.

Namaste -