Saturday, August 11, 2007

India and Yoga

I'm well into my second week here now. I realize why Yoga and India have so much in common. Because once you're just about fed up with both - they find their way back into your heart. Last week I was fed up with India - with it's population problems, pollution and poverty, etc. Yet, yesterday I fell back in love with the colors and the people and the vibrancy of the place. There's really nothing like it. It makes the U.S. look like a black and white movie in comparision (Pleasantville?)

The practice of Yoga is like that too. Just when you think you can't do another down-dog or triangle pose again something changes and it becomes brand new again. You find undiscovered country within your own body and psyche.

I took 3 classes over the last two days with Arun's wife Srimatha. Lots of twists, headstands with variations, forward folds (janusirsasana), handstands and backbends (not all in the same class of course). Too much to write about so you'll just have to wait until I come home on the 27th and I'll teach you some.

I broke through a few fears for myself in handstand today. We were practicing backbends in handstands - working towards "scorpion" pose - where your feet are on your head while standing on your hands. Needless to say I'm no where near expressing the full extent of that pose - yet - I could feel the dynamic nature of the pose and how to move towards it.

I trust you're all practicing. It's what will keep you young, healthy, vibrant, new and sane.

Namaste -
Bangalore 08/12/07 - 10:50 a.m.

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