Monday, August 20, 2007

Calmness of Mind - Safety - and Leopards

I've been practicing calmness of mind in every pose these last few days. Arun says you have to feel as if you're going to sleep in every pose - that you're that relaxed - yet still active. I know that it's hard to understand that unless you've experienced it. Yet, you can start to feel it in supported poses like Sarvangasana and Setubhandasana. Get comfortable in the pose, relax - extend - stay active - yet soften your breathing, then soften your mind - let your body be firm, yet still your mind. Let your mind be aware yet not active. This is moving towards perfection in asana. Feeling this feeling in Headstand, triangle - every pose - it's great.

A side note - Safety First! A woman broke her fingers (I think two - defintely one) in class yesterday. We were doing down-dog hanging from ropes and straps. She didn't buckle her strap right. She was a beginner. She fell on the marble floor with a crash and when she got up her fingers were snapped. Arun's wife took her to the clinic. Morale of the story: "Pay Attention to what you're doing - if you don't know how to do something - ASK!"

Leopards on the loose! A leopard (250-pound leopard) wandered into town on Friday from the local jungle. It was apparently hunting Bangalore's numerous wild dogs for food. When it was spotted in town during daylight hours the local people and authorities tried to trap it. One woman and a police officer were badly mauled. They finally called in experts from the National Game preserve to tranquilize it. The cat was re-released into the jungle. WOW!

Never a dull moment in India - that's for sure!

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Jim -
8/20/07 - 8:30 p.m. IST

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