Saturday, January 24, 2015

Yoga is the vehicle - not the destination

I've been thinking about this theme in my own practice, and also during the classes that I have been offering this week.

Yoga is not the destination - it's the vehicle.  What do I mean by that?

So often we think of Yoga as the end result.  I've even said to myself "When I am finally able to do (enter pose name) then I will have made it."   As if being able to perform a pose was the end result or destination I was seeking.

What I know now more than ever is that Yoga is the vehicle not the destination.  Just like a car is a vehicle that takes you to your destination (i.e., your work, home or vacation spot)

So, if yoga is the vehicle - what or where is my destination?  It's within.   The destination is the deepest places of my heart, my soul, my inner being - a.k.a. - the atman.  

Thus, Yoga is the vehicle that I ride inside!

It's an inner journey to my deepest Self.

Om namah Shivaya

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