Thursday, January 8, 2015

The simplest pose can be the one!

We've all seen the pictures of those amazing yoga poses - the poses that look like Cirque du Soleil performers are doing them. Nearly every issue of Yoga Journal has one.  These types of photos are now used to advertise everything from car insurance to bank credit.  Crazy!

These images of "fantastic" yoga poses can be inspiring - but also damaging in a number of ways.  Not the least of which is that it sets a person up for an unrealistic standard and expectation.  

My own experience with practicing yoga is that the simplest of poses can have the most profound effect. Just sitting still is perhaps the most powerful pose that I have performed in some time.   The hard part is being still and that's where the magic happens.  

What if, the next time you rolled out your mat you just took 10 minutes and got as still as you possibly could - either standing, sitting or flat on your back.   This is the practice of yoga. 

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