Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finding a Job - the YOGIC way

I've been a recruiter since 1979 - since before there were FAX machines - since Gerald Ford was President - a LONG time no doubt!

In 30 years of recruiting one thing has NEVER changed - PEOPLE hire PEOPLE - Period!

Even with all the technology, facebooks, twitters, IM's, chats and blogs (like this one) it all boils down to you getting FACE TO FACE with someone that has the power and authority to say "Yes - you are my person!"

So - with all the scary crap going on in the news about layoffs and end of the world economic crashes - I've put together my 12 steps for successful job hunting in 2009.

And what does all this have to do with YOGA? Everything - yoga is about selfless-service. So here you go. Pass this onto your friends looking for work.

All the best.

Jim's 12 steps to succesful job hunting -

#1 - First of all -remember that you only need ONE Job - so you just have to generate a lot of activity to get the ONE job.

#2 - Tell EVERYONE YOU KNOW you're looking to get back as a taxpaying member of society. Tell the butcher, the baker the candlestick maker. Swallow your pride - send the emails and make the phone calls - AND - make them POSITIVE! No doom and gloom. People don't like gloom and doom. Tell people you're willing to do whatever needs to get done to get a new job.

#3 - File for unemployment today if you were laid off or fired. You'll need every nickel you can get.

#4 - Register with the EDD's job training program - those "upward mobility" programs they have for the white collar job seekers. They're good networking opportunities, you'll see job leads come through. You'll learn tips on working with job search engines, etc. You'll make friends and get support.

#5 - Update your LinkedIN and Facebook profiles. Update your Resume too. Get advice on your resume from friends, family and contacts. Be willing to modify and change your resume based on the feedback you receive. Listen to what people say and suggest. THANK THEM. Don't criticize when people give help.

#6 - Make it a point to TALK to AT LEAST 10 people a day. This means TALK to them - not IM, not Email, not chat - but pick up the phone - or go see them. 10 people a day.

#7 - Look at, and apply for all the jobs that make sense on LinkedIN, Career builder, Dice, Craigslist, Monster. You never know which one will be the pay-off

#8 - Activate Career Builder "search agents" which will generate job listings that fit you and your profile.

#9 - Stay active - when in doubt - call someone else - re-circulate your call lists so that you follow back up on people every few days/weeks.

#10 - Make yourself a personal business card that you can hand to people with your Name, phone number and web address to your resume.

#11 - Stay active by getting exercise (yoga) , proper diet, proper balance of family life, proper sleep - ease off on the boozing and drugs if you do that sort of thing.

#12 - Pray your ass off.

There you go - call me and let me know how it's going.


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