Monday, February 12, 2007

Precise Alignment

What would the pyramids in Giza look like if they weren't precisely constructed? Would they even exist today?

Would any building in San Francisco withstand even a moderate earthquake if it wasn't precisely constructed to exact designs?

Why then - do people let their "body structures" fall about it random patterns? We see this all the time in yoga class. We ask you to put your feet together yet they are a several inches apart and stuck outward like a duck!

When the body is structurally intact - and in a biomechanical balance - you feel better. You feel better because there is no longer a struggle with gravity. You're not "pulled down by the weight of the world" to speak.

Balance, integration, freedom of movement, lightness, integrity and stamina are all a result of precise alignment in the body.

Practicing yoga will help you "straighten up" in more ways than one!

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