Thursday, February 8, 2007

Extend and Expand

Can you reach "beyond" your fingertips? Can you expand your lungs fuller than you ever have in your life? The ability to EXTEND and EXPAND is at the root of a yogasana practice.

In life - all things either EXTEND and EXPAND - or - they CONTRACT and DIE. The entire universe is expanding outwards and extending itself in a forward motion.

It hurts for a new yoga student to extend and expand. They feel the tightness in their muscles and skin, and they want to stop. They don't want to feel discomfort.

But we must move through discomfort to feel comfort - we must extend and expand or we will contract and die. There is no middle ground. Their is no resting place.

When we extend and expand we feel vibrant, alive and confident as we're moving in the same direction as all of life. When we stop extending and expanding - we contract and die and feel as if life is a struggle.

Extend and expand and feel life move through you fully.


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