Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Power of Integrating Yoga into your Life

How you chose to live one day - is how you will chose to live your life. 

I am finding this to be both simple and true.   All I need to do is just live one day well - then do it again the next day.  I don't need to worry about "the future" or "becoming".  I just need to BE and do it NOW.   

Yoga - that is, the Yoga of Practicing Detachment - guides me with clear intent on how to live one day, and thus, my life.   

I chose to live today by practicing detachment - but it's not easy because i have a chronically sick way of living,  

My chronic habit is to "attach" and cling and hang-onto stuff and not let things go,  Then, I judge and criticize and I worry and fret and end up in fear and it's awful.  

Had I just let go at the beginning all would have been well. But it takes practice - and that is the practice of Yoga.  And doing that simple little thing - "detaching" - each moment - every day - day after day - creates a very powerful life.  I must let go now.

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