Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yoga is about "coming together"

Many people define the word "YOGA" as meaning "union" - but that definition doesn't resonate with me. My teacher Arun says that " is about coming together. You bring your hands together in namaste, you bring your feet, shins, knees and thighs together in Tadasana and you bring your mind, emotions, heart and soul together with your body when you practice asanas."

I also realize that yoga brings "people" together and helps us form a sense of community. This was totally self-evident yesterday as we celebrated Arun's 60th birthday in the traditional Indian style.  This was all complete with a huge 350 person lunch and festival.   

Yoga is about coming together, bringing everything to one.  

Omkaraya Namo Namah

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sanjay patel said...

Very well put text against you two together posing in the rich looking Indian outfit.. I am sure it is comfy like the props in Pleasanton yoga studio