Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The 7-Truth's of Being a (Consistent) Yoga Teacher

I've been reading quite a few blogs lately about "being a great yoga teacher"   After reading these I realize that I'm probably not that great of a yoga teacher - at least according to other blogs I read.  

Yet I think I know a few things about being a consistent yoga teacher.  

I think being consistent is everything.  Especially when it comes to yoga.  The entire practice of yoga is predicated on constant and sustained practice over a long-period of time.  (Yoga Sutra 1:12).   That Sutra is my definition of consistency. 

So here's my 7-Truths of Being a Consistent Yoga Teacher

#1 - Do your own personal yoga practice every day - even if it's only 10 minutes of asana a day

#2 - Teach a Yoga class every day - even if it's a free community class

#3 - Always start and end every class on time

#4 - Always teach what you practice

#5 - Do you best to work with everyone in the class equally - showing no favoritism or avoidance

#6 - Do your best to use individual names and treat everyone with dignity and respect

#7 - Always thank everyone for coming to your class.  Not because you need the attendance numbers - but because they are a gift to you - to make you a better teacher.

Do that every day - for a year and write me back and let me know how it worked for you.  It's been working well for me.


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k.b.umesh Kumar said...

Yah Jim I see all these qualities with arunji. I feel proud to practise under him.