Monday, March 19, 2012

Road Warrior

I'm going to be 55 years old this year. My yoga teacher is 58 this year. His yoga teacher will be 94 this year. One old man - one older man - one SUPER old man. But all three of us practice yoga every day.

By the time a person reaches 30 years of age - there's a good chance they have racked up a few bumps and bruises. - perhaps a scar here or there, and maybe even a surgery or two.

By the time a person reaches 40 years of age more wear and tear on the body may be visible including stiffer backs, knees, shoulders and hips.

At 50 years of age a person realizes that they are no longer a "spring chicken" and that they need to do "something" to at least maintain flexibilty, strength and range of motion. At this point in a person's life they may know other people who have had debilitating injuries or illnesses and these facts frighten them - wake them up!

At 60 it's a necessity to maintain whatever health and fitness (mind, body and spirit fitness) one has - otherwise it can be a painful ride throughout the rest of their lives.

This is why Yoga is so important. It's also important to know what KIND and type of practice a person should do based on age, fitness level and a number of other factors.

The practice my teacher's teacher does (at 94) is unlike my practice (at 54).

What is critically important as one practices yoga at more advanced ages is a relentless focus on absolutely precise alignment to avoid the risk of injury or setback. Furthermore a focus on supporting poses and motions with props and support to avoid other problems.

This is why Iyengar yoga (created by that 94 year old practitioner above) is so important as a yoga modality. Mr. Iyengar created a process, practice and method that anyone at any age can get involved with and benefit from.

No matter what shape you're in - no matter how many miles on your frame - any Road Warrior can benefit from Yoga.

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