Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Satya needs no hype

It really bother's me when I hear a yoga teacher (or any other professional) using hyperbole to over-sell themselves in their marketing and sales communication.

For any self-respecting yoga teacher to claim "extraordinary results" (i.e., beyond ordinary) - or that they have the magic answer that has been handed down to them from "Ancient Masters" - or that they're going to give someone "the secret to unlocking the Vital Pranic Forces" just really makes me bristle. It borders on being unethical. It especially bothers me when I know that the person making these claims is just as human, just as messed up, and just as clueless as the rest of us.

Sure, maybe they can do a pose or two that I can't do - but that only means they know how to do a pose - it does not mean they have the answers to all of humankind's universal questions. It's sad too when the person making these claims actually believes them to be true. Then we have an even MORE dangerous situation.

This is my opinion - and my opinion only - ready: No one among us has the magic answer. There is no secret formula. The truth is we basically know very little.

Satya is the sanskrit word for Truth. Water is the element that symbolizes truth. In fact, there is an expression we use when we know something is false. When something's not true we say- "it doesn't hold water."

To claim that you can "intuitively read" what someone needs "and know how to heal them" - doesn't hold water with me. In fact, it makes me not want to have that person near me. When I hear claims like that I sense "Sales-pitch" or "Charlatan" or both!

Here's the truth - we barely know what's best for ourselves. How the heck can someone be so presumptuous to infer that they know what other people need without even asking them! It insults my intelligence. It doesn't hold water and is - in my opinion - dangerous ground.

The truth doesn't need hype. State the truth - the truth is - no one has any "secrets" to life. The only secret to a long life is this: "Don't die before you go to bed and do your best to wake up every morning." If you do that - you have a good chance of getting through the day.

The Yamas and Niyamas are Spiritual pricinples which need to be practiced. They are simple enough - no mystery in them.

Ahimsa - Don't Hurt or Kill
Satya - Be Truthful
Asteya - Don't Steal
Bramacharya - Try to Restrain Yourself
Aparigraha - Don't take more than you need
Saucha - Clean it up!
Santosha - Be Content now
Tapas - Work with Zeal
Svadyaya - Learn something new - cultivate wisdom
Ishvara Pranidhana - Dedicate everything to a higher power - some may call that God.

No mystery, no secret, but they must be practiced.

Satya needs no hype.

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