Thursday, November 12, 2009

One mind is better than two.

You've all heard the saying "Two heads are better than one"

Well - while it may be good to listen to others when working on a problem or seeking advice, the truth is that "One mind is better than two."

This is what Yoga is really all about.

My experience is that all of my problems are a result of a divided mind. I want one thing - yet I'm presented with something different. Conflict. I know I "should" do something - but I do something different. Conflict. I argue, converse, and talk to myself. Sometimes I torture myself with internal dialog. Conflict. The mind creates conflict. Look around the world at large and see if that isn't your experience. All global conflict stems from the mind - no where else.

We all "talk to ourselves." We carry on this internal conversation. One person is chatting away - and another part of ourself is listening. We are a mind divided. Constantly at odds with clear purpose and direction.

Yoga stops this useless chatter. Yes, for the most part it is useless chatter. It clouds clear thinking and effective action. This was the major lesson in the Bhagavad Gita. Arjuna had doubts and hesitations. His mind almost got the better of him. He knew he needed to do one thing - carry on with his duty - but his mind told him something else - wait, stop - don't proceed. He was in conflict because he was a man with two minds. Conflict. Krishna's response to him was that he must just ACT. Selfless Action - was what Krishna defined as Karma Yoga - the Yoga of Selfless Action.

Yoga stills the chatter - stills the thoughts - stills the "twirlings" (vttri's in Sanskirt) of the mind (chitta in Sanskrit).

Yoga is not about "thinking positive" - it's about Selfless Action, and as a result - becoming whole and ONE again.

One mind - aligned with proper and appropriate momentary action - this is Yoga.

Not only is One mind better than two. But, no mind is better than one. This is quantum thought - where the mind disappears completely. This isn't insanity -but rather it is being in "sanity."

For it is our constant thoughts that distract us from the deepest reality of oneness.

Hmm - did I just write that?

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