Monday, August 31, 2009

Yoga and Vacations. It's not about the pose.

The body is merely a vehicle. Yoga is not about making a "beautiful body" for yourself (although it does do just that quite nicely!)

So, if it's not about the pose - then what is "IT" about?

Here's an analogy to help answer the question - It's the same as a "vacation."

The vacation isn't about what car you drove to get there -or - what airplane you flew. The vacation is about something else besides the vehicle that brought you to your destination.

In fact, it's not even about the destination. Because every vacation is different. Some are in the tropics, some are in the mountains, etc.

So - if Yoga is NOT about the pose -and it's not about where the pose TAKES you- then what is IT about?

It's about the EXPERIENCE - your experience - Period!

It's about your experience of getting into the car (pose). It's about your experience of traveling to your destination (your inner-Self) - AND - it's about your experience once you're there.

This is what it's about - the experience of living - of going deeply into that experience, and returning to share it with others who desire a similar experience - a similary journey.

Need a vacation? Go practice yoga - and experience the joy of living fully now.

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