Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pleasanton to Bangalore - via Singapore

March 19, 2007 - 00:45 a.m. India Standard Time.

I'm in Bangalore, India on a Sunday night. Last night the 70's rock band IRON MAIDEN performed to a packed crowd of "YUCI's" - Young Up-and-Coming Indian's. Men and women in their 20's and 30's who are reaping the economic benefits from the influx of global businesses to Bangalore.

Travel time from SFO to Bangalore Airport was 32 hours. SFO to Hong Kong (13-hour flight with a 2-hour layover) Hong Kong to Singapore (4-hour flight with an 9-hour layover), Singapore to Bangalore (4-hour flight). Total airtime is 21 hours.

Bangalore is 12-and-a-half-hours ahead of Bay Area time. No one really knows where that 1/2-hour comes from. The location for the most part is pretty much half way around the world.

My yoga teacher - Arun H.S. was delighted to see me and I gave him a gift of a Nike Yoga shirt I picked up in Singapore (custom dictates you give your teacher a gift). We had a two-hour restorative back-bend class this morning. After class he invited me into his house for tea and to discuss his upcoming visit to Downtown Yoga, and other parts of the U.S. We're still dealing with getting Arunji's Visa approval. There is a chance we'll need to delay his workshop on 4/7 & 4/8. We'll keep you posted.

There is a partial solar eclipse scheduled for tomorrow in India from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. - about 5 hours from now. New moons bring new beginnings. I plan on watching it (with appropriate eye-protection of course!)

This is summer in Bangalore. By June it will be too hot during the days. Currently it's 70's at night and in the low 90's during the day with clear blue skies. The air in India has a unique smell - a mix of Sandalwood, Incense, Curry, Smoke from cooking fires and Diesel pollution. A bittersweet smell to say the least.


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